Whether building a house from the ground up, or simply doing some home improvement and renovation project in your bathroom or kitchen, every homeowner will want an end result that creates an impact and leaves an impression on the residents and visitors. Though there are different ways to achieve such an effect, it remains that one of the most popular methods of doing so is with the use natural stone.

Elegance and Luxury in Your Residential Property with Natural Stone

Natural stone has always been an esteemed material in the building industry. In the centuries past, the use of beautiful natural stone like marble and granite in building and construction was reserved for royalties and families in the upper classes of society.

But not anymore.

Here at Natural Stone Australia, we bring the elegant and luxurious look and feel of natural stone into your home.

  • Want to develop a striking focal point in your living room? Why not consider building a fireplace made from exquisite natural stone?
  • Undergoing bathroom renovations? Why not enhance your bathrooms appeal with marble tiles?
  • Want an aesthetically appealing yet completely functional kitchen? Why not install marble and granite benchtops, or black ceasarstone perhaps?

From exterior wall cladding to interior stone work, you will never go wrong with using natural stone as your choice of material.

Give Your Home a Unique Character with Natural Stone

Natural stone is regarded as a premier building material. Choosing the right kind of stone to use will reflect your home’s unique character and exude grandeur.

Given the variety of materials, colours, textures and styles of natural stone, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful ways to finish your bathroom, kitchens, and every other interior and exterior aspect of your residential property.

High Quality Natural Stone for Residential Projects

Absolute beauty – that is what natural stone brings to your property. Whether you opt for marble tiles, limestone, granite, quartz, or any other type of natural or engineered stone, you’ll want to make sure that you’re spending your money only on high quality materials and craftsmanship – and that is exactly what you get with Natural Stone Australia.

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Natural stone fireplaces provide a striking inclusion to any room. Our staff will gladly assist in providing assistance with a design to meet your budget.

Natural Stone Domestic Project Limestone Fireplace

Bathrooms & Vanities

The natural beauty of marble or limestone bathroom cannot be compared to any man made product. From subtle pastel colours to striking book-matched veined marble, Natural stone bathrooms and vanity tops are the essential addition to any home. Our new one-piece shower floors are the ultimate in service ability with no grout joints to clean.

Natural Stone Domestic Project Bathroom Vanities

Your choice of granite, marble or limestone benchtops will add elegance and practicality to your kitchen that only a natural stone can produce. Alternatively engineered stone (above) can be produced to provide a modern streamline look.

Natural Stone Domestic Project Benchtops

Here are examples of our domestic projects: